Welcome back!…with pineapple upside-down cake

Just before my parents return from Egypt about two weeks ago, my younger brother and I wanted to make sure they’d come back to good food and a clean house. Since my mother makes pineapple upside-down cake every so often, and my friend Elisabeth had told me about one that she makes for her husband quite often because he loves it so much, I set out to make it to welcome my parents back.

The recipe says to make two cakes with the batter and fill two pans with melted butter and brown sugar.  Brown sugar is just white sugar + molasses, so I just mixed in some molasses into the sugar and placed it into the pan. I then placed (as many) pineapple slices as I could fit.


I also used coconut oil instead of butter for one of the pans. I placed the pineapples a little differently to know which was which.



When the cakes were done, my brother had to have a slice (of each) because he likes to eat desserts while they’re warm. (Yes, my parents “welcome back” cake was already eaten from when they arrived). He, of course, had to try both since they were different and really liked the coconut flavor and would have liked more coconut flavor in the cake as well. I actually wanted to try coconut oil instead of butter in the butter (and did put a little just because I didn’t want to use another bar), but didn’t since it was my first time making it. I’d like to try that one time, just to see how it changes the flavor. I’d also like to try a vegan cake recipe, since I hate using eggs for cake, but don’t know if I should try replacing the eggs and the butter (with coconut oil) at once. We’ll see…

Due to lack of groceries, time and probably desire,, we didn’t actually make any food for them; we just ordered pizza from a nearby establishment. Desserts are more fun to make, anyway. 🙂

P.S. My brother used the leftover pineapple juice (from the canned pineapple) to make pineapple syrup for baklava/kunafa, which he used when he made mini kunafas (a week later).


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