AME² Banana² bread²

Or maybe the title would be better as 2 (AME + Banana + Bread), but I haven’t taken a math class in quite some time.  But I digress…

On Friday, I walked over to my friend Aideh’s (who happens to have the same initials as me, hence the title) apartment for some laundering and baking. We both had a lot of ripe bananas (Do they ripen super fast here in TX?) so we picked a recipe I’d used before: Banana Banana Bread.

We made the first one into muffins, adding chocolate chips at the very end because my very pregnant friend loves chocolate and wanted them in there. She was quite sad we didn’t put them in sooner (and hence having them be more chocolatey). Sorry, Aideh!!

As far as changes, because I LOVE using coconut oil and it was easier to handle/cream with the sugar than the butter (which still had to be softened since it was taken right out of the fridge), we used coconut oil for both batches. We lessened the amount to 1/3 of a cup (versus 1/2 cup of butter), because, as I’ve mentioned before, coconut oil tends to act more like an oil than a solid fat when baking.  We didn’t have brown sugar, so we used 1/2 cup coconut sugar and 1/4 cup white (cane) sugar).  Here are the finished muffins (the nice ones), arrangements and photos courtesy of the other Aideh:

banana muffins

For the second batch, we used the same amount of coconut oil but instead of brown sugar OR coconut sugar, we used jaggery

I had more time to chip through it (jaggery is hard on the outside and gets hard in the middle, too) and get out 1/2 cup of it while Aideh was working on the other one and while it was baking (I used cane sugar for the other 1/4 cup sugar). We put cinnamon (which is sad that it’s not included in the recipe, because I forgot to add it the first time!) and when Aideh was sad that we didn’t add chocolate chips, I reminded her about the cinnamon (which doesn’t really go well with chocolate (IMO), and she was ok with it, alhamdulillah. 🙂

banana banana loaf

I took some home and left the rest for the pregnant lady to enjoy and share with her in-laws (who all loved them). YAY!

P.S. Although this loaf looks done, for whatever reason it wasn’t very done in the middle (even though it baked for over one hour). So I cut it up and put them in a pan to bake them again (kind of like biscotti). I left it to Aideh to take care of it; she said it took quite a while to bake fully, but wasn’t crunchy.

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