Trifling with friends

Back in October, when I FINALLY had some time off from work, I made plans to visit my friend Eman, who also invited two other friends for a gathering at her place. Eman has a home-made cake/cupcake business and it seemed appropriate that someone else should do the baking for once.  So, I asked her what she’d want and her answer as “a trifle”. Truth be told, I don’t think I ever made a trifle, but I figured it couldn’t be too hard…I’d just make some cake and pudding and put them together. I actually had pudding mixes that I’d bought but never used, so it was a great opportunity to finally do something with them.

For the cake, I used two recipes from chocolate covered Katie:

Skinny vanilla cupcakes and Healthy chocolate cake (which I made and posted about previously).

Since I didn’t have vegan yogurt, I just used regular yogurt, which was home-made and organic (made from organic milk). Also, for one of the cakes and/or the puddings, I used regular milk instead of coconut milk, which I didn’t have much of. Yes, I do make non-vegan thing sometimes and when I do, I try to make sure it’s still healthier than most home-made goodies, so I used organic milk and whole wheat flour.  Even if it can’t be dairy-free, it can at least be organic. 🙂  I forgot which whole wheat flours I used, but I think it was white whole wheat to give it a milder whole wheat flavor.

I baked both cakes in square pans and cut each in half.  The chocolate cake was also cut in half through the middle so that I would have 4 pieces to use for the layering.  I layered chocolate cake, pudding, then vanilla cake, then pudding, ten chocolate cake on top. I’m not all about the pretty, as you can see from the pics, but am definitely for the taste.  Altogether, the trifle tasted yummy, but I can’t say what each cake tasted like separately (though I would guess yummy, as well). I made two of these loaf-size trifles, so that I could leave one for my family.

My friends and I enjoyed this trifle while watching “The First Wives Club”, another movie I love.

Hmm..I’m seeing a theme here of movies+ friends+ desserts. Sounds like an equation for a great time to me!

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