Quadruple A-team Vegan baking (four times the fun)

While visiting my favorite trio of sisters in VA, during a quick outing for food and free coffee (thanks, MOMs!) I mentioned that we should make something, not only to pass the time but also because Asma was just about finished with her paper and the night was still quite young. She suggested we the cookies I had brought with me to the ISNA convention, the ones her cousin Anaam had recently said she enjoyed.  So, we went to the local supermarket, picked up a couple of ingredients and set to baking when we got back to the house.

The cookies Anaam mentioned were about.com’s dairy-free chocolate chip cookies. I’ve made these cookies quite a few times, and they’re one of my favorites.  I’ve made all different ways, with the banana puree they suggest, with coconut oil, with some banana and some oil, honey and molasses instead of brown sugar and white sugar.  This was the first time I’d be making them with all-purpose flour (I usually use whole-wheat, which Asma quite honestly said she would not want to use), semi-sweet chocolate chips (I use Trader Joe’s Pound-plus chocolate for chocolate chips) and white and brown sugars. It was definitely shift backward for me, but, well, at least they were home-made. 🙂

To make this recipe using coconut oil instead of dairy-free margarine (which I don’t buy or use), we reduced the amount to 3/4 of a cup. As I mentioned in another post, using too much coconut oil causes the cookies to spread too much and become flat instead of holding up (as I learned from previous attempts).  Sure enough, these cookies held up and baked very well.

It was very much a group effort: Aminah mixed the dry ingredients, I measured the wet ingredients and Asma mixed them.  Instead of adding all 12 oz of chips (which is a whole bag, and really is a lot), I added it bit by bit until it looked chocolatey enough. We made two cookies chocolate-free for Ayesha.

I lightly greased the cookie sheets with coconut oil, we took turns scooping the dough onto the tray (but then I just delegated the task to Aminah) and then popped them into the oven.

The first batch came out soft and great, the second a little harder, but not too much. Asma really enjoyed them and, since they were egg-free, enjoyed eating the dough. In fact, she promised she would make the dough and keep a log by her to eat at her desk. Another person appreciating the awesomeness of vegan baking.  Even Ayesha didn’t deny they were good.

After they baked and cooled, we enjoyed them with milk (A2 and Aminah), tea (Asma) or coffee (me), and “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”…another one of my favorite movies.

Side note: I was going to make these cookies when my brother and SIL were here, but my SIL rejected them on the basis that they were dairy-free/vegan. Give vegan baking a chance, people! 🙂


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