Let’s tea party!

I threw a “Jane Austen” inspired tea party, which was about as Jane Austen-esque as “Clueless” (which was based on “Emma” in case you didn’t know :). But, I did attempt to make it as British as possible which to me meant SCONES!

I searched for vegan (of course, lol) scone recipes and many I saw kind of scared me away because of their use of vegan margarine or tofu. I would have tried using coconut oil instead of vegan margarine of course, but I didn’t want to risk having weird scones.

But, I had weird scones anyway. Since I had ripe bananas I searched for a banana scones recipe and found…wait for it…the best banana chocolate chip scones ever! As pretentious as it sounded, with a title like that, who can resist trying it?  And it was on vegweb.com which is a pretty (kind of?) well-known vegan recipe site. I read all the (TWO) reviews for it and decided to go for it.  The bad news was they did not look or taste like scones AT ALL.  I could tell they weren’t going to hold up like scones because the batter was more like cake batter than cookie dough.

The great news was they tasted yummy and were enjoyed greatly by guests.  They looked like cookies but had the texture of muffins or cakes. One person said they were like muffin tops. Kind of like Panera’s “Muffies”.  Yeah, they were like them. And I know from my experience in cooking with banana that they do result in that kind of texture. I used coconut oil instead of the canola oil (no one commented on a coconut-y taste).

Then I made coconut milk scones. I had to double check that the recipe really didn’t call for oil, and sure enough, it didn’t. I took a gulp and went ahead with the recipe, refrigerating the coconut milk before using to ensure its coldness as the recipe said.  The dough was very sticky and I was VERY tempted to add more flour until it was NOT sticky but I wasn’t sure that scone dough had to be like bread dough.  Actually, I think it is supposed to be sticky, like muffin or cookie dough.  So, I added enough flour so I could work with it and cut it into pieces.

This was EXCELLENT! It tasted and had the texture of scones (from what I remember of them anyway, since I don’t have them often).  I couldn’t taste or tell any difference between them and non-vegan scones.  I haven’t had a chance to test them on my brother yet, as he is the self-proclaimed vegan detector. But there were enough left over that I can have him try them and let me know…not that I need him to tell me they were good. 🙂

I also made English muffins, but since they were cooked on top of the griddle (as per the recipe), they are technically not “done in the oven” and shan’t be posted. Sorry! 😀


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